We use profesional photographers such as Tara Louisa Photography. Also we have designed a wide range of work for Go Shower including there checkatrade banner. We’ve also had great results with magazine designs featured in Dorset publications & Yell.com. Brochure design is a large part of our workload, with 52 page documents for Go Shower & My Weigh

Logo design forms a high percentage of our work load Recoded recruitment.

A large portion of our work has come through music events and record labels. We have worked on all the chuff fest festivals since its inception, designing all there websites, posters, flyers, t shirts ect. As well as working with the BUT! Music Group to design artwork and website for Worry Dolls. Other bands include Attack On Mars and Eat more Raw book cover and website. These projects also haddesigned social media banners for both twitter and facebook to view click on link text.

One area we work extensively in is the music industry for BUT! Music Group, Chuff Fest Music Festival. We’ve designed everything from posters, websites, logos, business cards, product design, cd/dvd design interactive posters and much more. We have profiles with  Facebook.